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Customer Reports
We have a library of reports that includes everything you can imagine. Whether you are in the real estate market now or in the future, or even if you just plan to stay put awhile, we probably have reports that would be of great interest to you. Please feel free to ask if you want something that is not currently displayed.
Free Consumer Reports for Home Buyers
Seven Advantages to Using the Home Buyers Registry
Avoid the 8 most common mistakes made by most buyers
Buyer Bill Of Rights
Closing Costs Explained


Automated Home Search

Automated E-Mail Home Search
This system is designed to offer you accurate and quick e-mail information on homes listed for sale directly out of the local multiple listing service. Just enter your information on the easy to use form below and then click on "submit". You will receive information on available homes for sale matching your search criteria. For best results, be sure to use
a broad set of search criteria. If you are not receiving your desired results or wish to change your criteria, either call


Comparative Market Analysis

Have you ever been hooked into receiving free home cost evaluations, followed by the continually hounding of Real Estate Agents' phone calls/e-mails, etc?
Most sites want you to contact them hoping to pressure you into becoming a customer. We strive to put our clients' needs first. One such idea is providing a link to a web site, giving you an idea of the worth of your home without the commonly experienced sales hype.
Does this mean what is shown on the web site is what my home would sell for?"
Absolutely not!!


SELLING (our attempt at a little humor)

How to pick a Realtor to sell your Home?
Pick one of the ten different Real Estate Agents who advertised as being #1 in home publications and newspapers?
Ask Aunt Bertha's second cousin, who just got her license, to stop by?
Collect a weeks worth of flyers received in the mail or found on your front door and call the phone number of the Real Estate Agent with the cutest picture?
Pick one of the individuals who say they are working in your best interest?
Believe them when they say they are trustworthy, honest, and experienced?



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