First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer
Congratulations on beginning your search in the right place. We have a first time buyers program that is design to minimize stress and confusion. With our past buyers' feedback, our system of searching for homes puts you, the buyer, in control. This system has made a huge difference in placing first time buyers successfully into transactions in the current real estate market. It is done at your own pace, without an overeagar Real Estate Agent looking over your shoulder. Why? Feedback from our customers have shown that many buyers begin to share what features in a home they truly are interested in as they go through the search process. It may not be in your best interest to share conflicting moments with others.
As one couple told us, "We had no idea of the compromises we would end up making to each other in our search for a home. It was definitely much easier not having another person standing by to witness our internal process of choosing the right features and neighborhoods. Had we been with a Real Estate Agent, we would have felt pressured and the process would have taken much longer. You know that pressured feeling. It's like walking onto a new car sales lot for the first time?"
Call (951) 545 5735 to set up a meeting convenient to your schedule. Considering most home sales represent the largest monetary purchase a family will make, it is very important to feel comfortable with the Realtor you choose. This meeting can be as brief as 30 minutes and is designed to make sure we can work together in finding that special home. The meeting helps to establish what stage you have reached and how to best serve you in completeing your goal of home ownership. We are not interested in making you commit to using our services. The meeting is designed to answer your questions honestly and give you a better feel of what to expect in the current market. After receiving straight answers to their questions, a few have decided to wait a little while before making their first efforts at home ownership. It is always wise to be knowledgable about the home buying process and what to expect before you jump into a transaction. Those that have decided to wait, found they were comfortable with having their questions answered and are currently receiving free monthly information on the real estate market in the areas of their interest.

Continue our well established communication. It is most important to keep up our communication efforts. Keeping in touch with the findings of your outings helps us to narrow the search criteria. If you have chosen to receive searches sent via e-mail in your efforts to check out neighborhoods, it is important we send you up to date search results just prior to the search days you have scheduled for your outings. Should you have scheduled to look at neighborhoods on certain days, simply let me know those days. I will make every attempt to be available to answer your responses for viewing should your search turn up a special home of interest.

Feeling comfortable with making the best offer for that special property. Once our search efforts have paid off and that special property is located, we will look over the current and past sales of the area to make sure the asking price is within other homes in the market area. We will then finalize the best terms of the offer you would like to make.

There are many steps within a real estate transaction and it is not our intention to make the transaction process sound simple. There are pitfalls that may occur. This is another good reason to choose a Realtor you feel comfortable with. When you are ready, give me a call, (951) 545 5735. Let me help to make your home buying experience a pleasant memory.
Frequently Asked Questions and Other Tidbits of Information
Did you know most Realtors shy away from first time buyers? Most Realtors do not have the patience or simply would prefer not to take the time to answer the many questions first time buyers have.

If this is so, Then why do you take the time, Dennis? Two important reasons I work with first time buyers. 1.) My goal is to treat you in a very positive way. To answer all of your questions and supply you with such special treatment that when you are ready for your next real estate transaction you will not think of using any one else. Simply put, I build my business from referrals of past clients. I would like the opportunity to be of assistance to family and friends that you like. 2.) Words fail to decribe that uplifting feeling the day I am able to hand you the keys to your first home. I am very thankful to past clients for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment. One of my long standing traditions has been to take your picture at your front door, the day I am first allowed to give you the keys to your new home. That picture says it all.
Need a lender? Give us a call. We have several to contact. When considering the rate and points when choosing a loan, we can not stress the importance of finding a lender who will be available to answers your questions and work within your busy schedule. All of the lenders we pass along have passed our ridged test of customer service requirements.

Interesting Real Estate Fact! Even though there are signs the market is changing from a sellers market, if you are a buyer who is in need of financing to purchase a home, it is wise to have in your possession a letter from your lender of loan pre-approval. After all, if you were selling your Riverside or San Bernardino County home, which offer would you accept; the one with or without a letter of loan pre-approval?

Interesting Real Estate Fact! (In most cases in Southern California) The Realtor solely representing the home buyer is compensated for the sale of a home from the proceeds received by the Seller. This should make you feel more at ease talking to your Exclusive Buyer's Realtor. After all, what could be better than an individual working exclusively on your behalf yet being paid from another source.

Interesting Real Estate Fact! The typical closing costs a buyer will experience is around 3% of the Purchase Price of the home. Keep this in mind when discussing your options with a lender. Many are able to qualify buyers for a 103% loan depending upon your credit scores (1st loan of 97% of the sale price ? a 2nd loan for 3% down payment plus 3% closing costs). This makes it substantially easier for a buyer who is short the down payment and closing costs to make a purchase.

Interesting Real Estate Fact! There are many programs available for buyers with good or bad credit ratings. One such program, the CCHOA (California Cities Home Ownership Authority) offers the opportunity of a lease to purchase with as little as 1% down plus minor inspection and other related costs. Call the CCHOA directly at (877) 949-9833 for current details.
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