You need constant reassuring sales techniques to assist you in making decisions. We have chosen to shy away from using sales comments such as: 

”Can you visualize your furniture in this room?”… 
”Wouldn’t this place be adorable for your new family addition?” (you have just told the agent you acquired a new cat) 
“Can you see yourself laying by the pool in this large (dirt/barren)…backyard?” 
“Oh the school systems are all about the same, aren’t they?” 
“I believe those bars on the windows really add character to the property, don’t you?” 
“This fixer upper has so much potential” (condemned property) 

At Sincere we do not puff up the truth about properties or situations. It is our philosophy to treat you the way we would expect to be treated.
You have been pre-qualified by a new loan officer for a 100% loan, but you have no cash for closing costs and would like additional money back at closing for carpet, drapes, painting, a new car, and a pool. We always strive to negotiate in our buyers best interests. Unfortunatley, this request is much like looking for a golden needle in a three story haystack. We may be successful in gettting the seller to agree to pay for some expenses, but this list is truly unrealistic. 

Set up an appointment with us. We will be happy to sit down and let you know how the current market is behaving and what to expect. Be assured we will assist you in making an offer designed to gain you the best leverage in your Real Estate transaction.
Our brief 30 minute meeting covers many of the above scenarios. Give me a call.
You believe Real Estate Agents when they tell you they are #1! Look in your weekend newspaper or home sale periodicals. How many Real Estate Agents do you find spouting they are #1? We are not so sure it isn't their egos they are referring to. 

At Sincere Real Estate the customer is #1. We judge our successes by the ratings we receive from you!
You believe Real Estate Agents when they tell you Open Houses are the key to success in selling your home. Less than 1% of homes sold nation wide are done so do to open houses. Open Houses are generally used to give the Listing Broker and the agents in their office more advertising by placing their signs up and down your neighborhood. In this way, Sales Agents gather potential buyers and sellers for other properties as they parade through your home. We suggest other methods which have a greater chance of success and less potential of liability and damage to your home. Ask us what we can do for you.
You feel fortunate and happy to meet with the Sellers' Agent in the purchase of a home. Most people do not realize the listing agent is working in the best interest of the Seller, not the Buyer. How can one individual truly act in the best interest of both parties? At one time this complaint was so widespread most transactions now require multiple signatures from the buyer to make sure they are aware of what they are agreeing to. Do not be enticed by a hanging carrot offered by the Listing Agent to handle your side of a transaction. It is wise to have another Realtor negotiate in your best interests.

Give us a call. We will be happy to explain Dual Agency and the many pitfalls.
You are not a Nice Person!!!! Should you be one of those individuals who likes to yell, scream, throw fits, never returns phone calls or calls all hours of the night, threatens to sue everyone and their families, blames others for their mistakes, etc..etc...etc..we ask you to please use another site. If you are not sure if you fall into this category, ask three of your closest friends or co-workers for their opinions. Trust what they have to say. If you know or should all indications reflect you do fall into this "I'm not a nice person" category, feel free to call us and let us know you are not a nice person. We will be happy to supply you with a way to find other competitors sites with our many thanks...

Sorry...At Sincere Real Estate, we only work with nice people.