Honest dealings in your search for real estate. Give us a call and set up a meeting convenient to your schedule. We will be happy to go over your needs and how favorable the market is for filling them. This no obligation 30 minute meeting is designed to find out if we can work together. So whether you are an old pro at home buying/selling or a first time buyer, you will find we are available to honestly answer any questions you may have.
Your Personal Realtor to return your calls in a timely manner. Ever experience having more conversations with the transaction coordinator, escrow officer, or escrow officer's assistant than with the Realtor you hired?
You want to feel your Realtor is working in your best interest, not theirs. We would not be doing you or ourselves any favors by passing along inflated market information to entice you to buy or sell. Our Clients return to us for filling their real estate needs because of their pleasant past experiences using our services.
You expect to do a little investigative searching on your own without interference from a pushy Real Estate Agent. Search information is available, including addresses for properties, so you may drive by and check out the neighborhoods. All we ask is that you respect the rights of the owners, as most require appointments/notification to view their homes. Should you see a property of interest, simply let us know. We will be happy to make the viewing arrangements and meet you at the location.
You want to feel assured the "Asking Price" is real and not inflated. We go over with you the sales activity reports in the interested area, which is very important when an appraisal is required for funding. We are available to give you our opinions as to the asking price and the direction of the market. When the time comes our negotiating skills and past dealings with other Realtors help to make sure you are making the most Sincere Offer you can.